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Meet Lorraine!

Miller Healer was founded in 2018 by Lorraine Sandoval. Lorraine had suffered from bone-on-bone chronic and extreme knee pain for many years. Unfortunately, she became addicted to opioids. She was determined to fight her addiction and find “Miller Healer” to manage her pain, ailments and become healthier. CBD was the answer to Lorraine overcoming her addiction in 2014. She now uses her past experiences and CBD expertise to help clients with addiction, detoxing, pain, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, menopause, dementia, epilepsy, pre/post op surgeries, pre/post Covid symptoms and many more ailments.

As a Minority Women Owned Business, cancer survivor and a recovered opioid addict, Lorraine and her extensively trained staff focus on providing customized holistic solutions for each client and pets too. Miller Healer even offers an on-site nurse to ensure all patients are screened for any medical contraindications to CBD products.

This extra layer of protection, personalized customization and excellent customer service is what sets Miller Healer apart from any dispensary, health food store or online company. Lorraine and her staff are knowledgeable and passionate about helping their clients navigate the challenges of health and wellness through the wonders of CBD.



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