CBD and Fractures

//CBD and Fractures

CBD and Fractures

CBD is known for its remarkable ability to help alleviate symptoms such as Chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia. However, what many people don’t know is CBD does more than just help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms due to medical complications. Research has proven that CBD helps with bone fracture healing.

To better understand exactly how it helps healing lets break it down. A fracture is a break in bone or cartilage usually is a result of trauma, A fracture can be of an acquired disease of bone, such as osteoporosis. Soon after a fracture occurs, the body acts to protect the injured area, and forms a protective blood clot and callus around the fracture.

New “threads” of bone cells start to grow on both sides of the fracture line. These threads grow toward each other, The fracture closes and the callus are absorbed. Depending upon the type of fracture, this healing process may take up to a year. Research has proven that stimulation of endocannabinoid receptors on bone cells improved the rate of bone healing. It also has shown CBD significantly enhanced the mechanical properties and strength of the bone after 8 weeks.

The amount of research being done has proven CBD stimulates bone-building cells to express the genes involved in producing the primary enzyme involved in bone healing. There is so much to learn about CBD and everyday we learn something new that it has to offer. CBD has become a very popular discussion which is why we have the very best team of specialists available to provide the best education and keep you up to date with new findings and information that could help you or a loved one in need of relief.

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